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Ashburn, VA

IOANNA GISONE, PHD received her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from Michigan State University.  She has extensive training in the delivery of culturally sensitive mental health assessment and psychotherapy for adults, families, adolescents and children with a broad range of diagnoses, including ADHD and related issues.  She has worked within many multidisciplinary research and clinical settings.  Her work also included building a repository of knowledge on evidence-informed pediatric/adolescent assessments and interventions for common emotional, behavioral, and mental health concerns. Dr. Gisone incorporates methods adapted from resiliency theory, stress reduction and positive youth development into her ADHD and executive function coaching. 

POPULATIONS SERVED: Individuals; Ages 8 and up.

SERVICES: Individuals and Parent/Family Coaching. In-office and distance coaching.

SPECIAL INTERESTS: ADHD; Academic/Career transitions;  High school/College transitions; Motivation and Time Management. 


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