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"Distance Coaching" Online Staff

ABIGAIL LEVRINI, PHD is a licensed clinical psychologist, ADHD specialist, renowned speaker, and bestselling author.  Dr. Levrini has published numerous scientific articles on ADHD and presents her coaching model in  professional settings throughout the country. Dr. Levrini can be found throughout the media on WebMD, The Washington  Post, NAMI, APA, PsychCentral, and many other popular means of press. Dr.  Levrini's first book is an American Psychological Association (APA) bestseller,  ("Succeeding with Adult ADHD: Daily Strategies to Help you Achieve Your  Goals and Manage Your Life"). Her second book was published in June of 2015 and is titled, "ADHD Coaching: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals". Dr. Levrini also stars in the American Psychological Association's Therapy Video Series on Adult ADHD Treatment.

POPULATIONS SERVED: Individuals; Ages 7 and up. 

SPECIAL INTERESTS: ADHD; Adults, college students/failure to launch, career goals, ADHD with depression and/or anxiety or bipolar, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

IOANNA GISONE, PHD received her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from Michigan State University.  She has extensive training in the delivery of culturally sensitive mental health assessment and psychotherapy for adults, families, adolescents and children with a broad range of diagnoses, including ADHD and related issues.  She has worked within many multidisciplinary research and clinical settings.  Her work also included building a repository of knowledge on evidence-informed pediatric/adolescent assessments and interventions for common emotional, behavioral, and mental health concerns. Dr. Gisone incorporates methods adapted from resiliency theory, stress reduction and positive youth development into her ADHD and executive function coaching. 

POPULATIONS SERVED: Individuals; Ages 8 and up.

SPECIAL INTERESTS: ADHD; Academic/Career transitions;  High school/College transitions; Motivation and Time Management. 


Lindsey Clarke Moore

LINDSEY CLARKE MOORE, LCSW is a licensed independent clinical social worker who has served as an individual and family therapist for over a decade.  She has worked for Psych Ed Connections since 2009, specializing in ADHD coaching & treatment. Prior to PEC she worked with children and adolescents exposed to abuse and neglect, many whom had been diagnosed with AD/HD, depression, anxiety, or attachment disorders and provided foster parents by with training and psycho-education.

POPULATIONS SERVED: Families/Parents and Individuals; 8 and up. 

SPECIAL INTERESTS: ADHD with depression and/or anxiety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Girls Trauma and Recovery Empowerment Model (GTREM).


BETSEY MARTINEZ NOBOA, PSYD is a graduate of Columbia University with degrees in both psychology and economics.  She received her doctorate from Long Island University in Brookville, NY and completed her internship training at the Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine – NYU Langone Medical Center in NYC where she received extensive training in psychotherapy and assessment with both adult and pediatric populations. Dr. Noboa utilizes treatment approaches guided by cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and biofeedback.  She aims to work collaboratively with not only her clients, but also their parents, families and schools to facilitate growth and change. 

POPULATIONS SERVED: Individuals & Families; Ages 5 and up.

SPECIAL INTERESTS: Anxiety-related and adjustment disorders, chronic pain, pediatric medical trauma, ADHD, and interpersonal conflict within the family. 


JACQUELYN ZAHM, PSYD is a post-doctoral fellow with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  She has worked with individuals with behavioral, social/emotional, and learning difficulties in a variety of settings including private practice, outpatient clinics, college counseling centers, psychiatric hospitals, and forensic settings.  Dr. Zahm has experience with children and adults with severe and pervasive mental illness as well as individuals with academic and employment-related difficulties and difficulty coping with recent life events.  Dr. Zahm has a strong background in assessment and diagnosis of emotional, behavioral, and executive functioning disorders.    

POPULATIONS SERVED:  Individuals, Groups, & Families, Ages 4 and up.

SPECIAL INTERESTS:  ADHD assessment and treatment, Cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, family systems, attachment theory, forensic assessment (competency to stand trial), pre-employment assessment.

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