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2013 American Psychological Assocation (APA) Video on Treating Adult ADHD
Starring Dr. Abigail Levrini and co-author Dr. Frances Prevatt 

ADHD coaching derives from the model used in executive coaching and athletics to help improve performance. Unlike most traditional psychotherapeutic approaches, this is an active and results-oriented modality that focusses on giving clients realistic and proven strategies they can start using immediately. The approach involves helping clients deal with aspects of ADHD that interfere with work or academic performance such as procrastination, lack of concentration, and poor planning. Useful strategies include teaching organizational, time management, and study skills, and helping to establish goals.

The video begins with a general explanation of ADHD coaching. Then, Dr. Levrini works with a man in his 20s, recently diagnosed with ADHD, who seeks assistance in overcoming distractions and managing his time better. After the demonstration, she and Dr. Prevatt sit with a roundtable of graduate students to discuss and expand on the strategies and techniques used in the coaching session.

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Dr. Levrini's has published scientific research in a variety of scientific journals including the Journal of College Student Development, Psychology in the Schools, and Educational and Psychological Measurement.

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Dr. Levrini has presented her scientific research 
in a variety of professional settings, including the Gettysburg College Psychology Department Homecoming Symposium, The Arlington County Mental Health Services Keynote Address, the Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine, Florida State University, the international CHADD conventions and the American Psychological Association (APA) annual convention. 




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