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A comprehensive list of ways we can help.

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Psych Ed Connections is a psychological and educational practice committed to integrating the best available research with clinical expertise.  Owned by Dr. Abigail Levrini, leading ADHD expert and bestselling author, and operated by doctoral and master’s level clinicians, Psych Ed Connections offers the following professional services to clients looking to achieve their educational and life goals, learn more about themselves, or reach their potential.

Testing and Psychological Assessment 

  • Psychoeducational Diagnostic Testing for children, teens and adults who have an interest in learning of a possible learning disability or mental health diagnosis or gaining IEP/504 or SAT/ACT accommodation.
  • Gifted Diagnostic Testing for children and teens interested in learning if they qualify for gifted programs within the school setting.
  • Adult ADHD Screening for adults who have reason to believe they may have ADD/ADHD but do not yet have an official diagnosis.
  • Neuropsychological Diagnostic Testing for children, teens, and adults who require testing of a psychological function that may be linked to a particular brain structure or pathway.
  • Consultation for individuals who have had previous testing and are interested in learning more about their results or recommendations.

Psych Ed Coaches (ADHD/Executive Function Coaching)

  • ADHD & Executive Function Coaching for individuals with ADHD, Autism, Learning Disorders or related mental health diagnosis using a practical, structured and empirically supported coaching approach.  Coaching can be conducted in-person or via online “Distance" coaching.
  • Parent/Family Coaching to help educate parents and families about what they can do to navigate life with ADHD. Parent coaching can be conducted in-person or via online “Distance" coaching.
  • Educational Consultation for families who need assistance navigating the IEP/504 process and promoting a positive relationship with their child’s school.


  • Individual and Family Therapy for child, adolescent and adult clients struggling with a wide range of mental health issues including low self-esteem, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or substance use.


  • Individualized Instruction for children and teens needing assistance with school subjects such as Math or Reading, test prep or academic enrichment. Our expert staff uses a variety of research driven learning methods and caters strategies to each client’s unique learning style.  We also offer an Academic Enrichment summer camp, run by our tutoring staff.

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